ACCA考试 你不得不知的F8学习方法

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  F8审计与认证业务是ACCA基础课程阶段唯一的一门关于审计的课程,它详细介绍了对财务报表的整个审计流程,与F8直接相关联的课程是专业阶段的选修课程P7 高级审计与鉴证。同时,F8也与F4、F7和P1课的部分内容有间接联系。和其他F阶段课程相比较,F8的课程具有以下特点:




  ●Work through the Study System diligently, including all examples.

  ●Read current and past technical and examination skills articles in Student Accountant.

  ●Read the examiner's reports on past examinations.

  ●Work through ALL past examination and other questions provided for practice; do not merely read the answers.

  ●Attempt a Mock Examination.


  ●Read the examiner's reports for the last few examinations. Apply the advice given in past reports when doing practice questions. Far too many students fail because of poor examination technique.

  ●Read the advice given below and apply when attempting questions from the study question bank, revision question bank and any past examination papers you have taken from the ACCA students' website.


  ●“Describe” = set out the characteristics of.

  ●“Explain” = make plain, clarify, elucidate.

  ●“Discuss” = examine critically, give ideas on.

  ●“Distinguish” = set out individual features or characteristics that differentiate two (or more) terms.*

  ●“Suggest” = propose/put forward.

  ●“List” = make a list/catalogue of like thinks.

  ●“Calculate” = make a calculation.

  ●Others—“state”, “list”, “suggest”, “identify”, “comment”, “contrast”, “conclude”, “give”。

  ●Pre-fix “briefly” = a warning not to go into too much depth.